The Dare 2 Care International paid a visit to Rising Hope Foundation for Change (RHFC) Cameroon on the 17th of December 2017.They arrived Cameroon on the said date and spent a night in Douala. They then proceeded to Limbe, which they arrived on the 18th in the evening. On the 19th of December, they were received by the delegation of RHFC, headed by Mr Efu kelvine fonkeng and Forteh-Ngochi Susan at the Fini hotel Lobby where the had a brief meeting. Both delegation left for Buea.

Their next stop was at the delegation for women empowerment and the family where they were warmly received by the delegate Mme. Moffah. She briefed the delegation all about the affairs of the office and then moved to the delegation of social affairs, the delegation was informed that the delegate was attending a seminar in Limbe, and so was informed that a meeting with him was only possible at the seminar town which was Limbe.  The delegation left and had a brief stop at the reunification monument in Buea. The Grace of God orphanage, a partner orphanage was our next stop. Mami Marie as she is fondly called by all received the delegation. Our member, Butame was there to receive us.

The difficulties were presented to the delegation, the painted stones, painted by the kids in the USA was distributed to the orphans who greatly appreciated it. We were taken round the uncompleted structure that housed the kids. The delegation promised to support the kids in the future, a Symbolic support was given to the founder. The visitors left for Muea. GBHS Muea, Buea were we visited our RHFC garden, nursery and orchard. The coordinator of the Centre. Mr Njabi John took us round the garden and explained how it came about, the importance of the garden and nursery to the school and the communities around. We met some students doing their field work, met another member, Dorcas who was working with Mr John. Some questions were asked for clarification.

Due to a marathon day, the delegation left for limbe keeping aside the visit to the rehabilitation institute of the blind in Buea for next year.

On the 20 of December, the rendez vous with the regional delegate for social affairs was honoured. The meeting took place at Seme Beach hotel Limbe and later in the day, they met some family friends and visited Dr. Ndifor in Limbe.

On the 21st of December, we visited the bimbia village, we met some kids, shared the painted stones from kids in the USA, we were to move up to the slave village but could not reach there because of the modalities regulating tourism in this area. Secondly, the Rapid Intervention Unit (BIR) Were graduating.

We had to relax at the down Beach where our visitors had a ride on our horses and bought some Cameroonians beads with their names on it. We visited the Bosumbu village in mile 4 Limbe.

The delegation said good bye from the south west region as we left for Douala. The Denver Plaza Hotel was our next stop in Bonamoussadi. We took closed to four hours from limbe to Douala due to the traffic jam between the bridge and Round Point.

On the 22, in Douala, we visited the district hospital at Bonamoussadi for 30 minutes, from the Hospital, got back to the hotel, they had some symbolic gifts from RHFC team. The next stop was at the Douala international airport. We were accompanied by the proprietor of the Denver plaza hotel. Raymond. 

Safe journey was our parting words.