On the 4th of March 2016, Rising Hope Foundation For Change (RHFC) received a consignment of health books donated by Hesperian Health Guides to support our Education For All ( EFA) project   scheduled to take place from  01.08 – 30.09.2016 in Cameroon.  These health guides will  help us in our Health  Is Wealth project (future project) . Hesperian Health Guides is a nonprofits health information and health education source that supports individuals, communities and other organisations/Foundations in their struggles to realize the right to health. These books will help RHFC to take action on a wide range of health issues – from disability rights to women’s health, from protecting local ecosystems to training the next generation of health workers. This initiative is  been undertaken with the support from the Hesperian Foundation – to whom we express our gratitude and look forward to a sustainable partnership.

RHFC received the following books from Hesperian Health Guides

  • Where There Is No Doctor
  • Health Actions For Women
  • Where Women Have No Doctor
  • Helping Children Who Are Blind
  • Helping Children Who Are Deaf
  • A Health Handbook For Women With Disabilities
  • HIV, Health and Your Community
  • The Children Picture Book
  • Sanitation and Cleanliness For a Healthy Environment

This project will help people take greater control over their health and work to eliminate the underlying causes of poor health ; alleviate poverty, promote gender equality, reduce mortality, improve maternal health, help combat HIV, malaria and other preventable diseases, encourage environmental sustainability, help global development,  increase economic growth of the nation and make the world a safer and more peaceful place for all through the use of these educational materials (Health Guides).
It’s a win-win for all the stakeholders concerned.

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