How Can you Help?


  • Volunteer your time and energy to help RHFC increase its activities, social network and
  • Sponsor a child why not children to
  • Contribute monthly-your small change makes a huge difference-on PayPal
  • Offset carbon emissions generated by your lifestyle, office, school, orphanage, church, business or event by planting trees for poor
  • Donate a percentage of your product sales, savings on paperless billing or recycling income to RHFC’s Trees for Triple Effect projects.
  • Plant trees
  • Become a member.
  • sponsor our Education for All project as a gift to commemorate or acknowledge someone and receive a personalized
  • Donate to any of the programs or project
  • Support our main needs via annual
  • Start a material drive to collect school books, pens, pencils, used text books
  • Start a cause to help raise funds for Rising Hope Foundation for Change (RHFC).
  • Suggest Rising Hope Foundation for Change(RHFC) to other organizations and individuals who could support our Spread the word about Rising Hope Foundation for Change(RHFC) and our work to your friends, family and network by posting our cause to your website, social media site, event and email signature.