Dear Change Makers,
Today the 13th of February 2020, Rising Hope Foundation for Change(RHFC) is officially celebrating its 5th anniversary.
Permit me to seize this opportunity to address a big congratulation to you all on this very big occasion. It has been a wonderful journey altogether and let’s hope for the best in the coming years!
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all our volunteers, members, sponsors and partners for your loyal and unflinching support through the years.

Our Past Prepared RHFC for the challenges ahead.

It’s a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come from our humble beginnings and how far we still have to go to make the world a better and safer place to live in as mankind. And it’s a moment to think about what we need to do in the future to make it better and sustainable for all.
With your valuable contributions, we are proud to say that during this past 5years, we were able to reach out to thousands of Cameroonians directly and/or indirectly via our different projects (Education For All, Education For all Awards, Vulnerable Women and Girls Empowerment, Child Sponsorship) and we have greatly contributed in greening Cameroon and to guide against climate change through our Trees for Triple Effect programs in Schools, orphanages and communities in Cameroon.
RHFC is at the forefront of building new partnerships both national and international to meet our objective and vision thus contributing greatly in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
It’s About Networking
To our Beneficiaries: I’m so appreciative and honoured to work and support our beneficiaries (orphans, physically challenged individuals, vulnerable women and the girl child). I would like to thank our beneficiaries for their belief in us and our abilities to help them achieve their goals and vision of success in life one at a time.
Though it was challenging to us, we keep focused to make it happen. The RHFC team is continuously enriched by the people that we’ve met and worked with during the execution of our projects with our partners’ institutions that host some of the beneficiaries. Many of these great personalities have also become friends, members, sponsors and advisors to our growth individually and, as a team. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and great relationships. To the next decade (2020-2030), we wish to empower 1000 underprivileged youths in vocational training, starting in the months ahead.

To our partners: I would also like to thank all our local and global partners we collaborated with to deliver incredible results that make a positive, sustainable and ever-loving impact on our beneficiaries. We all learned from each other in the course of the execution of our projects and mistakes were made and corrected but at the end of the project, we all are winners because we accepted our weaknesses and strengths. You are fused with our team and we are proud to work with you. Thank you for a special 5 years and here’s to celebrating the next successful chapter together.
To our team members: To serve humanity for 5 years requires having incredible people in your organization. I am so grateful for the opportunity to work every day with a group of talented, passionate, loveable, kindhearted and caring people. Your willingness to give of yourselves and all to help others is very special and is deeply admired. May God almighty bless and replenish you for the great task ahead. Courage my dear brothers and sisters. Do not stumble.
To all our volunteers, members, partners, sponsors, stakeholders and friends of RHFC – I thank you for your continued commitment to Rising Hope Foundation for Change(RHFC).
We will share the celebration of our 5th Anniversary with you at one of the events in the year and it will be announced on our social media channels.
It’s great to be on this journey with you and here’s to another 5 fantastic years.
Mbenja Clovert