The Visit Proper

            The team arrived at about 2 pm and was received by the head in-charge of receiving visitors.  We went directly to the rooms to see the beds, foodstuff and mattresses that were brought the previous day. We took some pictures and were ushered at the main Hall.

            While in the Hall, the Founder met us and after some discussions, we started the occasion with prayers from Sis Butame Hedwig of RHFC who called upon the Lord almighty to bless that day, bless the founder and called upon God to bless RHFC and Dare 2 Care for thinking about the Orphans.

            The Founder thank us for coming and pray that we come again. She presented the orphanage and introduced some of the orphans and the staff. She gave a brief history of the orphanage.

            The next of the agenda was songs and some presentation from the kids presents. The delegation shared the juice they brought for the kids as they went out to take some photos.

             Outside the hall, we have a series of photos and some interviews. Due to time constraints and the climate of the Social unrest in the region, we could not plant out trees for Triple Effects.

            The visit ended at about 5 pm with members going happily to their various destinations.

Short History

            The orphanage was created in April 1998. It first site was in mile 4 Limbe.

The school has as mission to admit orphans from the age of 0 to 12 years. But they are also interested at the last class of orphans, that is from 8 to 12 years of age. The founder was an orphan from the age of 8 years.

How do they get orphans?

            They get orphans from the hospitals, when women put to birth and abandon their babies, these babies are brought to them. The police bring the orphans, Social Affairs bring orphans and from the communities, they go around the villages, look for orphans, contact the local chiefs, quarter heads.

            They rescue orphans who are malnourish, children with no education and children suffering from diseases.

Duration of the Orphans at the Centre

            They take care of these orphans until they become economically viable. Some can stay longer if they are in the university.

            The Centre provide the Orphans with Secular Education and Vocational Education. The children are taught in the Centre and registered


They have a Director who is not in the country, the founder, who is Sister Mercy oversees the day – to – running of the Centre. They have volunteers and paid staff. They are three paid staff and more than 4 volunteers.

There is a school inside the orphanage from class 1 to upper-sixth.

The Director is now teaching in Dubai, they have Students in the University of Yaounde 1, France, UB and Nigeria

Sources of Finance

The orphanage gets 70% of its finances from Sis. Mercy who doubles as the founder from the beginning and it is now at 80%