Celebrated in SIRA Bilingual Nursery and Primary School- Makepe, Douala Friday, the 8th March 2019.

In line with their annual occasion of (SIRA Vert) meaning SIRA Green celebrated each year, Rising Hope Foundation for Change was the main Sponsor of the 4th edition celebrated this year. The day is celebrated every 2nd Friday of the month of March. This year’s celebration was special because we had a double celebration; it was also the International women’s day.

On this occasion, RHFC had three main objectives to celebrate this day.

  1. Sensitize the young pupils of SIRA of the importance of Tree planting.
  2. The consequences of deforestation.
  3. Help develop in them the love of nature.

During the occasion, we had educative sketch from the CM II and class 5 Pupils expressing the importance and the role which trees plays in our society, environment and the consequences we shall have if the trees disappear on the planet earth.

The occasion this year which witness the participation of the CEO of Rising Hope Foundation for Change in the person of Mr. Mbenja Clovert Anamani, benefited from his long experience as an environmentalist and a climate change crusader.

He gave some tips to the kids on how to reduce household consumption of energy, Water consumption like using a shower to bath than to use a bucket, put off lights before going to bed, use public transport instead of personal car to reduce pollution, just to name this few. Encourage them to always plant trees, flowers around the houses, because they can sell these flowers to have money, the flowers will also beautify the environment, thus making them to love their environment, if it is food trees like mangoes, they will eat some and sell some to have some money to buy their school needs, thus empowering them.

            Together with Miss SIRA, the CEO of RHFC added manure to the already existing trees in the school Compound to improve on their growth.

            The occasion which saw the school benefiting with over 60 trees donated by Rising Hope Foundation for Change also saw the CEO of RHFC doing the symbolic handing over and planting of the trees with the Miss of the school. The school authority lauded the effort of the NGO and called on other NGOs to follow the footstep of RHFC so that we can all make the environment friendly to all.

            The occasion ended with a group photo.

“He who Plants a Tree before dyeing did not live in vein”