On the 2nd of March 2019, RHFC visited an organization dubbed Association Des Parent Des Enfant Drépanocytaire du Cameroon (APEDCAM) that deals with people having the sickle cell anemia disorder.

Sickle cell anemia disease is a group of disorders that affects hemoglobin, the molecule in red blood cells that delivers oxygen to cells throughout the body. People with this disorder have atypical hemoglobin molecules called hemoglobin S, which can distort red blood cells into a sickle, or crescent shape.

Statistics has proven that people having this disorder came about it as a result of their progenitor’s ignorance as we were told by the president of APEDCAM Mr. Moses ……….. 

Mankind suffers due to lack of knowledge therefore, we were educated on the sickle cell anemia disease. Knowledge like hemoglobin “AS” shouldn’t get married to an “SS” because most of the kids will suffer from the disease. An “AA” can marry an “SS”, an “AS” can marry an “AS” but this hemoglobin group should bear in mind that there is a possibility to reproduce an “SS” out of four kids. Worst case scenario, an “SS” should not attempt marrying an “SS”.

APEDCAMs main goal is to sensitize people on the sickle cell anemia hemoglobin to avoid couples making mistakes. They are out to encourage people to take the hemoglobin test seriously just like they will take that of the HIV, HEPATITIS and every other serious disease out there. They go about gathering people who suffer from the disease and try to educate them on how to follow up their health conditions.

We were told not to panic in case we have a sickle cell anemia person at home. All we need to do is to make sure they are on their vaccine every after 2-3 years to avoid minor infections and sicknesses, they should always have their Folic acid in order name (ACFOL) which helps to make new red blood cells. Due to dehydration, they should always consume lots of water at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day and eat healthy food especially carrots, pear and beetroots. 

Cedric Ngwa aged 21 is a sickle cell anemia carrier amongst all the carriers in APEDCAM who needs special attention due to the fact that his nutritional state isn’t the best. Before he joined the association he struggled on his own with some herbs to maintain his health condition. We could easily detect he was a carrier due to his deformity caused by the disease. APEDCAM seeks to revive this young man through their own little means and seek other organizations turn to look at those suffering from the sickle cell anemia disease. 

APEDCAM has more than 20 sickle cell kids under their care but within a long run the number will increased because they are ready to welcome whosoever that is a carrier of the disease.

Their sensitization meeting takes place every second Saturday of the month and they are offering a discount to whosoever is a member and those interested to do the take the sickle cell disease test for 8000FRS CFA instead of 12000FRS CFA.

The visit of RHFC brought about close to 20 people who benefited from the sensitization. RHFC offered what is considered as their daily medications (ACFOL, BEETROOTS, CARROTS and WATER) to all the carriers that were present.

A day well spent in the midst of the carriers brought more light to some who were ignorant of the fact that without a hemoglobin test, anyone can be a prey to the sickle cell anemia disease. The visit was closed with their slogan which is APEDCAM “together let’s fight sickle cell in Cameroon”.