The Rising Hope Foundation for Change team visited Fathers House Orphanage Muyuka in February 2015 at about 2 pm. The delegation was headed by Mr Evaristus. The team was welcomed by Miss. Awah Yvonne, one of our member resident in Muyuka, after a brief stop at the member’s house, we drove directly to stone quarter, where the orphanage is located.

 The team was welcomed by the founder and matron of the orphanage, Mrs Njitie Charlotte (fondly called Mama Commy by the kids and well-wishers). she gave us a brief history after a soul touching prayer from one of the kids at the Orphanage.

 The head of the team told Mama Commy the reasons for our visits. The kids were dressed in their graduating robes to grace the occasion with beautiful songs all to the glory of the Lord Jesus. The gifts the delegation brought for them was handed to the children, with a symbolic T. Shirt and a bucket with the RHFC sticker on it was donated to them. The children who were so exited and grateful, once again thrilled us with some beautiful songs.

 The delegation together with the kids had a common meal which was offered by the CEO of RHFC, Mr Mbenja Clovert. The matron showed us children with HIV and begged us to create awareness about their situation to the world and pray that we come to their help often.

 We took group photos and we had a direct call from the founder Mr Mbenja Clovert who spoke with the kids and the matron of the Centre. We had a farewell song and prayers from the kids.