Endorsement from Jeunesse Park

Testimony Clotaire Ntienou
November 7, 2015

Endorsement from Jeunesse Park

It was my pleasure to meet Mbenja Clovert, the Founder and President of Rising Hope Foundation for Change (RHFC), in 2013 in Istanbul, Turkey. Founder of Food & Trees for Africa1This was at the Climate Change Leadership Training by former US Vice President and Nobel Prize winner, Mr Al Gore and Clovert is now a Climate Leader and Mentor. At the time he told me of his intention to contribute to his society and address the disastrous impacts of climate change. I suggested he create an organisation to realize his vision and am honoured and inspired to see the results of his dedication and focus in RHFC today.

RHFC subscribes to universal humanitarian values and practices and works for the least privileged in Cameroon, and the rest of Africa. I am pleased to work with this organisation whose vision aims to give hope and happiness to youth by providing quality education, promoting sports and socio-cultural environmental activities that improve the welfare and wellbeing of those who cannot afford the basic necessities of life.

RHFC is good news for everyone. Improved education and opportunities for youth can only benefit the future of Cameroon and Africa and RHFC’s projects are already having positive impacts. Through supporting RHFC, which encourages collaboration, shares information and knowledge and provides expertise that can be translated into appropriate and positive interventions for disadvantaged young people, their families, and our environment, we can positively impact young lives, and the future of life on this planet.

I hope you will join me in supporting Mbenja Clovert and RHFC.

Yours truly

Jeunesse Park
Founder of Food & Trees for Africa
First African Climate Leader & Manager, African Climate Reality Project
Board Director, SolarAid
Advisor, FossilFree South Africa
Commonwealth Scholars Council Laureate & UN award winner