Testimony Clotaire Ntienou

Endorsement from Jeunesse Park
November 7, 2015
Testimony Juvert Drogba
November 7, 2015

Testimony Clotaire Ntienou

I was so happy to read an answer from Mr Mbenja Clovert and his message right away on whatsapp.

When I got to know RHFC, it came in my mind that there is change happening somewhere in my country and I should know who is making this change happening.

Iphone5S 008It is not usual to see young people engaging in advocacy for peace and sustainability. In a country where most of youth are no more dreaming of a possible future, I found that there are some thinking like me, driving resources and knowledge to help communities.

That is what made me feel like I should take action and help them to achieve their dream.

Clotaire Ntienou
Founder and President of WebDev Foundation
Co-founder and Human Resources of Bekondo Foundation
Motivational Speaker, Social Entrepreneurs.