Dear Change champions , I come with a heart full of gratitude to say THANK YOU to all who supported us in achieving our Menstrual Hygiene Management project that took place on the 28/05/2017 in Muea-Buea at King David Square Hotel located in Fako Division, South West Region of Cameroon. It was a huge success because our objective was met thanks to your enormous support. Thank you for making our menstrual Hygiene Management project yet another remarkable event of Rising Hope Foundation For Change (RHFC)! Our dedicated team has done an incredible job at expanding our outreach while strengthening our programs to our communities in Cameroon.

Our ongoing goal is to provide best and fully sustainable project to impact the least privileged children(Orphans, physically challenged individuals, street children and the girl child) and communities in Cameroon and truly you make this possible! RHFC is stronger than ever due to our continually expanding community that comes together to donate time, resources, and talent in support of our important mission to be of service to our community. I want to sincerely thank our Donors, partners and all who took part during our 1 month of social media campaigns for their overwhelming support be it spiritual, moral, material and financial . To that, I say you all are champions of change. It would be diabolical if I don’t mention the following names, Madam Judith Mofa Liengu, The Regional Delegate of Women’s Empowerment and the Family, South West Region, Madam Dopgima Stella chief of service for General and Youth Affairs at the Delegation for Women’s Empowerment and the Family South West Region Cameroon, HEALTH & BUEAUTY Organisation, , the management of CMTV Cameroon, the management of King David Square Hotel Muea. Mr. Bunyui John. Madam Gladys Esomo, Ivo Mua, Bana Ba Sawa of BBS Event, Delphine Etengeneng,Eunice Lieberknecht, Rosa Luxemburg, Monick Taylor, Princess Pauline , Irine Maondo, Mbua Martin, Efu Kelvin, Kam Magcel , Pat Itoe, Joeboy Jonathan, Enow Nadia Orock and to you for your moral and spiritual support . lastly to our wonderful RHFC team, I say thank you for your servant attitude to our community. We are Rising Hope Foundation for Change ( RHFC ) because of you. It is you we celebrate because the “We is stronger than the I”. Your kind gesture has enabled us to realize our goal and we pray that like Isaac you shall reap a hundredfold in one year ( Genesis 26:12-14) .
Thank you for wholeheartedly being a part of RHFC Vision.. We look forward to more of such kindness and devotedness in the days ahead! Nothing is too small to create a change especially when we consider love as the ultimate price. Thank you for believing in RHFC mission. Here’s how your gift goes far to educate girls in Cameroon(Africa)
Best Regards,
Mbenja Clovert
President/Founder RHFC