Volunteering requirements

Volunteering & Requirements

  • Anybody, male or female, who is over 18 years, is invited to participate in a home stay program.
  • An ideal candidate would be enthusiastic, open-minded and patient about teaching. We would love to hear from anyone who might be interested, especially those volunteers with university backgrounds in education or the English or French languages.
  • Volunteers can stay up to a month or even longer, and are asked to work four days each week at four hours each day.
  • Volunteers are to be polite and abide by the house rules of their host family.
  • Volunteers should also make sure to tell their host family about any medical conditions or allergies they might have. Anyone interested in volunteering must contact RHFC at least three to two months before they would like to begin their work.

Accommodations in the New Family

  • The local community leaders, the Fons and chieves and individuals you’ll be working with them, will carefully select your host family. Most host families will take in a maximum of one student each semester.
  • Volunteers will be fed and housed by their host family.
  • Volunteers will pay for everything else outside of daily meals.
  • Host families will be gracious and open to welcoming their volunteers.
  • Both the host family and the volunteer will respect the religious and personal views of one another.

Benefiting as a Volunteer

  • Besides helping to improve the illiteracy of Cameroon, volunteers would also build on their own capacities.Volunteers striving to become teachers, and specifically French or English teachers, would be afforded the opportunity to gain valuable field experience.
  • Host families also become a kind of “home away from home? for many volunteers after they have left. And, many times volunteers come back to visit their host families.
  • Spoken Languages and Language Opportunities in the Territory English, Pidgin English, French and other local dialects are widely spoken around the country and are used in language, education, in government affairs. English and Pidgin English are widely used in the Southwest as well as the Northwest Regions.

Local Traveling and Touristic Accommodations

A member of RHFC will accompany you on weekend touristic visits. Cameroon is a country rich in history and culture. It is also known as Africa iminiature, with over 200 tribes and as many different languages representing the country. with about 21 million inhabitants. There is mountains, also features picturesque grassy landscapes as well as waterfalls and crater lakes.

Weekend excursions could include trips to the country’s capital, Yaounde, the Northwest capital of Bamenda, the Botanical Garden or other neighboring villages and historical attractions in Fako Division. For volunteers coming from the United States of America, please consult the U.S. Department of State about visa requirements U.S. volunteers are asked to thoroughly read through RHFC’s web page on how to be prepared and what to expect regarding health issues. For related information, please look under “Do I need to take any shots?: please see our volunteering page.